The 2021 Virtual Championships will consist of 5 Tournaments & Disciplines. A chance for the IFMA members to compete from their own homes in virtual fields of play over multiple tournament formats to vie for medals over competitions demonstrating muaythai skill, technique, culture, fitness, strength and stamina.

Although the event concept was conceived with the intention of bringing competition back during the onset of the pandemic lockdown in 2020, the success of the first edition ensured that this tournament format is here to stay. The second edition of the event will see two additional disciplines of Mai Muay as a mixed gender team event and the Shadow Ref competition, opening the doors to the virtual field of play for the Technical Officials .

A legacy to continue bringing people together far beyond these challenging times. No borders, no visas, no passports needed. Muaythai Connects us all.


The Wai Kru rules and competition criteria are developed through the close collaboration of the IFMA Culture & Heritage Commission and the One Standard Muaythai. All rounds will be competed & judged by VDO submission.

VDO Submissions for the Wai Kru competition performance must be uploaded at the time of registration to the online registration platform.

Participants will be drawn into a bracket and judges will score the VDOs to determine the next round. Results and brackets will be live on the system once results are entered by the judges. The same performance will be judged for all proceeding rounds against the next opponent.



This competition will focus on contestants’ strength, power and stamina. It shall be competed over 3 rounds, with each round requiring contestants to complete as many of a designated exercise/drill within the allotted time per round.

  • Round 1 drills will focus on Core
  • Round 2 drills will focus on Power/Strength/Conditioning (focus on upper body)
  • Round 3 drills will focus on Speed/Agility/Coordination (focus on lower body)


This competition will focus on the contestants’ ability to demonstrate the skill and technique in the art of Muaythai.

This will be competed via VDO Submission which participants must submit at the time of registration by uploading to the online registration platform.

Participants will be drawn into a bracket, and their submitted VDOs will be judged against their opponent.

Winners will advance to the next round on the bracket and will their VDO will be judged against the next opponent’s VDO.



In this category officials will be judged on their skills and their ability to recreate competition scenarios.

Participants will be drawn into a bracket and winners will advance on.

Participants will be required to imagine themselves to be in a real competition, picture the ring, the athletes and other R&J officials. They must create the scenario using the imagination showing all the compulsory movements and events.



In line with the IFMA vision towards development towards gender equality, this competition will be competed by mixed gender pairs teams.

This discipline requires the competitors to submit a choreographed Mai Muay demonstration which integrates and showcases the essential fighting art forms of traditional muaythai.



This category is to give the chance to all aspiring youth leaders to earn their chance at being the official youth representative for the sport of Muaythai.

The winner of this competition (1 male and 1 female) will represent IFMA and muaythai at the UTS World Virtual Youth Festival 2021 in November.

Participants in this competition will need to show confidence, presence, charm and the ability to connect with people to convey their messages of friendship, solidarity, peace and unity.


The OSM Platform

The One Standard Muaythai (OSM) is IFMA's latest standardised education platform. The soft launch of this platform offers daily sessions 5 days a week LIVE to help you prepare for the Virtual Championships.

Classes will be held everyday Monday-Friday live at 17.00-18.00 ICT and will also be uploaded for replay on the IFMA YouTube channel.