In line with the IFMA vision towards development towards gender equality, this competition will be competed by mixed gender pairs teams.

This discipline requires the competitors to submit a choreographed Mai Muay demonstration which integrates and showcases the essential fighting art forms of traditional muaythai.

This will be competed & judged by VDO submission.

Participants will be drawn into a bracket and judges will score the VDOs to determine next round. Results and brackets will be live on the system once results are entered by the judges.

Those that advance to the next round will have their VDO submission judged against their next opponent.


Mai Muay will be a mixed gender Team Event requiring teams of 2, one male and one female.

Judging Criteria

  • Costume authenticity & creativity (Muay Boran)
  • Identity: Authentic Postures, Form, Choreography & Teamwork
  • Realistic combat: Power, Speed, Control
  • Artistry: Continuity, Grace and Emotion

Judge’s Criteria for Awarding Points:

Focus Area Components Physicality Artistry
1 Identity Speed Posture connection
2 Movement Power Gracefulness
3 Power transfer Balance Emotion/feeling
4 Direction

Team Entries

  • Teams of two competitors
  • One female competitor
  • One male competitor
  • Partners must belong to the same age group

Mai Muay Team Divisions

  • Youths: -10 / -12 / -14 / -16 / -18
  • Seniors: 18-40
  • Masters: 40+
** Participant Age division to be calculated as of August 1st 2021


A. Mae Mai Level
Mae Mai Muaythai is the Main Posture of Muaythai as in the regulation list:
  1. Mae Mai Movement
    1. Plik Liem
    2. Slide
    3. Step
  2. Mae Mai Mad (Punch)
    1. Mad Trong (Straight Punch)
    2. Mad Wieng (Hook Punch)
    3. Mad Ngad (Upper Cut Punch)
  3. Mae Mai Sork (Elbow)
    1. Sork Tee
    2. Sork Tad
    3. Sork Ngad
    4. Sork Sab
  4. Mae Mai The (Kick)
    1. The Chieng
    2. The Tad
    3. The Twat
  1. Mae Mai Kao (Knee)
    1. Kao Trong
    2. Kao Chieng
  2. Mae Mai Teep (Push Kick)
    1. Teep Trong
    2. Teep Kang
    3. Teep Lhang
  3. Mae Mai Defending
    1. Pad
    2. Pid
    3. Perd
B. Look Mai Muaythai Level

Look Mai Muaythai is the Applied Posture from Mae Mai for offending or defending or the combination postures (Pleng Muay).

Teams must include a minimum of 5 movements from the following regulation list:

C. Hightest  Mai Muaythai Level

Hightest Mai Muaythai is the mae mai or look mai that is performed with jumping or spinning. Teams must include a minimum of 3 movements from the following regulation list: