In this category officials will be judged on their skills and their ability to recreate competition scenarios.

VDO submissions will be judged by 3 judges over a 3-5min video.
You may watch an example of a Shadow Ref VDO submission here:


Participants will be drawn into a bracket and winners will advance on.
Participants will be required to imagine themselves to be in a real competition, picture the ring, the athletes and other R&J officials. They must create the scenario using the imagination showing all the compulsory movements and events.


Shadow Referee Divisions
  • Each delegation/country may enter a maximum of 10 entries in total over the four divisions:
    • Male -40 / Male +40
    • Female -40 / Female +40
** Participant Age division to be calculated as of August 1st 2021

VDO Submission Rules

  • VDO Submissions must be a minimum of 3 Minutes and maximum of 5 minutes in length.
  • Mark your boundary as shown in the Sample VDO.
  • Use the Audio Guide to control the timing of your VDO. A bell will indicate the start of your VDO . There will be a signal at the 3 min mark to indicate the minimum required time. Your VDO may be a minimum of 3min but a maximum of 5min. There will be a final bell to signal at the end of 5 mins.

Judging Criteria:

  • Use your imagination and creativity to create a scenario bout to showcase your skills in commanding the ring. It is up to the contestant the number of rounds they simulate.
  • Submissions must include the minimum required events.
  • Movements & gestures should be firm
  • Show Fluidity as if in a real bout
  • Commands must be loud and clear

Scoring System:

  • Judging Focus:
    • Ring Entry
    • Posture/Movement
    • Commands
    • Minimum Required Events
    • End of Bout

Shadow Ref Divisions

  • Female +40
  • Female -40
  • Male +40
  • Male -40
  • Participant Age division to be calculated as of August 1st 2021
  • Maximum 10 entries total per delegation/country over all four divisions

Minimum Required Events:

  • 1 x Knock Down : Perform at least one 8-count
  • 2 x Cautions : Show caution gesture of at least 2 or more of fouls of your choice.
  • 1 x Warning : perform a warning showing the point deduction
  • 1 x Break: Simulate actions during the break and starting the next round
shadow ref audio guide