The Wai Kru rules and competition criteria are developed through the close collaboration of the IFMA Culture & Heritage Commission and the One Standard Muaythai. All rounds will be competed & judged by VDO submission.

VDO Submissions for the Wai Kru competition performance must be uploaded at the time of registration to the online registration platform.

Participants will be drawn into a bracket and judges will score the VDOs to determine the next round. Results and brackets will be live on the system once results are entered by the judges. The same performance will be judged for all proceeding rounds against the next opponent.



Youths: -10 Co-Ed / -12 Co-Ed / -14 Co-Ed / -16 Co-Ed / -18 Co-Ed
Seniors (18-40 yrs): Male / Female
Masters (+40 yrs) : Male / Female
** Participant Age division to be calculated as of August 1st 2021

VDO Submission Rules:

  • Max. 3 mins
  • The Traditional Muaythai music known as “Sarama”, has to be used during the performance
  • Direction of Wai Kru performance should be in 3 directions only (Front / Left / Right)

Competition Attire:

  • Contestants must be dressed in Muaythai attire including Mongkon & Prajiad.
  • Traditional Muay Boran costume or a creative homemade version of the traditional muay boran costume. *Costume creativity is scored.
  • Hand wraps or rope bindings may be worn, but no gloves are permitted
  • No shoes / No Socks / No Ankle guards

Competition Rules:

  • The performance must follow the traditional structure : STARTING PROM NANG (Sitting Postures) PROM YUEN (Standing Postures)
  • Movement around the ring should be in the form of the YANG movements. Contestants may choose from the following:
    1. Yang Sam Khum
    2. Yang Suk Ka Sem
    3. Sod Soi Mala
    4. Chang Yaek Plok
  • Starting postures MUST include:
    1. Thep Panom
    2. Kom Krab
    3. Tha Wai Bangkom
    4. Pathom
    5. Prom

YOUTH Division:

  • Prom Nang postures are up to the contestant
  • Prom Yuen postures are up to the contestant

SENIOR Division:

  • Prom Nang MUST include 3 of the following 6 postures:
    1. Lab Hok Mokkasak (Kumpakan Lab Hok)
    2. Mekkala Loah Kaew
    3. Song Mek (Tai Mek)
    4. Mae Pra Thoranee Beeb Muay Phom
    5. Sue Lak Hang
    6. Praya Krut Yut Naka
  • Prom Yuen MUST include 2 of the following 6 postures:
    1. Yoong Ram Paen
    2. Na Rai Kwang Jak
    3. Chang Sabad Nguang
    4. Pra Ram Paeng Sorn
    5. Kum Pa Kan Poung Hok
    6. Kun Paen Fun Mahn

Judging Criteria:

  • Timing & Rhythm
  • Costume: Proper attire/Creativity
  • Artistry: Grace/Continuity/Emotion
  • Identity: Quality of postures / Level of postures
  • Fulfilment of designated obligatory postures according to division (youth/senior)
  • For Youth divisions: Focus point for judging is on creativity without loss of authenticity i.e. throwing of Hand grenade or firing machine guns etc. DO NOT score.
  • For Senior divisions: Focus point for judging is on authenticity of movements and postures

Postures & Identification (TBA)

Thep Panom Starting Postures Kom Krab (3 times) Starting Postures Kob Mae Toranee > Tha Wai Bangkom Starting Postures Pathom Starting Postures Prom
Sitting Postures Lab hork mokkasak (Sharpening the Spear) Sitting Postures Mekkala Loah Kaew (Goddess Mekkala luring with magical crystals) Sitting Postures Song mek (Looking through the clouds) Sitting Postures Mae Pra Thoranee Beep Muay Phom (Goddess Thoranee Styling her hair) Sitting Postures Sua Lak Hang (Tiger drags the tail) Sitting Postures Praya Krut Yut Naka
Standing PosturesNok Yoong Ram Paen (Peacock dances) Standing PosturesNarai Kwang Jak (Lord Narai throws the chakram) Standing PosturesChang Sabad Nguang (Elephant swings the trunk) Standing PosturesPra Ram Paeng Sorn Standing PosturesKum Pa Kan Poung Hork (Throwing the Spear) Standing PosturesKun Paen Fun Mahn (Lord Kun Paen Slashes the Curtain)


For your reference, see a Virtual Wai Kru Bout form the last event:


Here is an example of a Full Wai Kru performance by a Master from the IFMA Culture & Herittage Commission. This is only an example and is not intended be recreated as a VDO submission for VC Wai Kru participants.